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p>What is Active Directory. The Windows directory service that stores <a href="" target="_blank" title="Active Directory Interview Questions

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and Answers | An Information

…”>Information about all objects on the computer network and makes this Information easy for administrators and users to find and apply. With the Active Directory, users can gain access to resources anywhere on the network with a single logon.

Can departments block ou's on their parent. Group Policy Objects applied at a parent level in Active Directory will be applied to all child objects. what is the cloud Currently, there is one Group Policy Objects being applied at the Domain level of the tree. The Andrew Core GPO configures domain machines to function with the core Andrew Kerberos applications (e.g. NiftyTelnet, KerbFTP, Oracle Calendar, Mulberry) and is inherited by all machines in the Andrew Domain. cognitive domain of learning You can block Top Level Group Policy Objects from being applied at the Organizational Unit (OU) level. Blocking prevents inheritance of GPO's from parent objects, but they can still be explicitly assigned at the Organizational Unit (OU) level.

Similarly, administrators have a single point of administration for all objects on the network, which can be viewed in a hierarchical structure. What is the campus Windows AD Domain. guinea Active Directory is the directory service in a Windows network. The directory service stores Information about network resources and makes the resources accessible to users and applications. Andrew Windows includes the forest root domain. expired domains This is the top level

naming structure. Andrew Windows also includes the domain within the forest.

Information Technology Interview Questions and AnswersIT manager, IT Project manager Interview questions Describe your methods to build and maintain subcontractor and vendors relationships and manage the purchase of hardware and software products. Have you develop a disaster recovery plan to ensure maximum availability of computer systems throughout the Corporate. Have you developed the IT security policy.

IT NETWORK & Telephony Have you planed and implemented additions and major modifications to your companys IT infrastructure. Describe your contribution to these processes. Tell us the procedures you took for implementing network security. check links Describe the maintenance and administration practices that you utilized to ensure the corporate VOIP/WAN/IT network effective performance. Have you upgraded the companys telephony or email system to VOIP or unified messaging system. Describe the process and the factors for choosing the new systems.

Describe the hands-on support and training program you used to ensure cross company utilization of computing infrastructure. Have you been responsible for the budget of the IT systems of the company. Tell us how you monitored costs, business plan and cash flow.</p


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